Remora Trailer
Creative England / BFI
Director Co-writer

Behind the faded grandeur of a seaside resort the vulnerable and poor become prey for local predators.  

Whilst working for a petty loan shark, Leighton is unwittingly chaperoned for the day by his older brother Cass, a gentle man with learning difficulties.  Tasked with minding Cheryl, a debtor, Leighton leads the trio to a childhood haunt – the aquarium.  In the tranquility of blue, brothers share memories of their late mother and happier times.

This Time of Year
Nominated best film 2012 Encounters Film Festival
Director Writer

After a wasted life consumed by alcohol Jacob drifts through Christmas Eve in his local pub, searching for joys long gone.

The Shot
Winner Jessops film competition
Director Writer

Graham is a photographer out in the wilds. He meets Chelsea, a common as muck sandwich van worker. Chelsea shows Graham the best places for photos and a whole lot more but has she badly misjudged Graham?

Last Train
Nominated best film 2010 Encounters Film Festival
Director Writer 

Jay is catching the last train home with his girlfriend Vicky when the silent night is broken by some boisterous teenagers. Jay slowly grows paranoid by their presence questioning if their is a threat from the boys or he is letting himself be dictated by common stereotypes.

Official selection 2008 London BFI film Festival
Director Writer

Spending his days filled with boredom wondering around the run down housing estate Ryan happens across some older kids and finds himself being drawn into their world of aggression and intimidation.